Viewer Faq


How can I get ROOT SPORTS in HD from my cable or satellite provider?
Please contact your cable or satellite provider directly and let them know you’d like to receive ROOT SPORTS in HD.  They can advise you on availability, as well as, package and equipment requirements.

Audio or Picture Issues:
If you have an audio or picture issues, determine if this issue is present on other channels or only ROOT SPORTS. If present on other channels, please contact your cable or satellite provider.  If it is only on ROOT SPORTS, please fill outwebsite ticket 
and we will respond during regular business hours. 



How can I get Colorado Rockies and Utah Jazz live game broadcasts outside of ROOT SPORTS broadcast territory?
If you are outside of the team’s regional television territory, Rockies and/or Jazz games may be blacked out on ROOT SPORTS. ROOT SPORTS only has rights to distribute games within the home television territory for each team.  Team territories are dictated by the leagues, not by regional sports networks. Some television providers offer out-of-market packages that will allow you to watch games outside of a team’s home territory: the MLB Extra Innings package and the NBA League Pass package.  Please note some games may still be subject to blackouts.  For more information, contact your television service provider.

I live in the ROOT SPORTS network territory and my television provider doesn’t offer ROOT SPORTS.  What can I do?
Call, email or utilize your provider’s Facebook and other online communities to let them know you want ROOT SPORTS added to your channel line-up.

Can I purchase ROOT SPORTS programming?
programming is not available for purchase.

I produced a sports show.  How can I get my show on your network?
To have your show considered for telecast, please contact our Programming department at

Programming Issues:
If you have additional questions regarding programming, blackouts, or content issues, please contact your cable or satellite provider.  If your issue cannot be resolved by your provider, please fill out a
website ticket and we will respond during regular business hours.  


How can I advertise on ROOT SPORTS?
For advertising information or questions, please contact our Sales department at


Is ROOT SPORTS currently hiring?
For a list of open positions, please check our
careers website.  You can apply directly via this site.