TV Schedule
Monday, September 01, 2014
Time Program
5:00 AM Premier League Darts
6:00 AM Rockies Double Play
6:30 AM Rockies Weekly
7:00 AM Paid Programming
7:30 AM Paid Programming
8:00 AM Paid Programming
8:30 AM Paid Programming
9:00 AM Paid Programming
9:30 AM Paid Programming
10:00 AM Paid Programming
10:30 AM Paid Programming
11:00 AM World Championships of Ping Pong
12:00 PM Rockies Real Time
12:30 PM Rockies Weekly
1:00 PM Rockies Double Play
1:30 PM Rockies Pregame
2:00 PM Giants at Rockies (completion of pstpd 5/22 game)
3:30 PM Giants at Rockies
6:30 PM Rockies Postgame presented by Toyota
7:00 PM The Dan Patrick Show
8:00 PM Giants at Rockies
11:00 PM Poker After Dark
*All times listed in Mountain time zone
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